I’ve Arrived!

let your loved ones know you've arrived. with your location, your message, but just one click.

I’ve Arrived! by Flystay

Let your loved ones know when you’ve landed safely –

with just one click and no hassle

Coming soon for iOS and Android

Frequent traveler?

travel a lot? tired of always having to notify your family and friends when you’ve landed safely?

“I’ve arrived” by Flystay does it for you!

I've arrived!

You landed safely. One click to tell your loved ones you’ve made it. That’s it – so simple!

Your message

Customize your “I’ve arrived!” message to tailor it to your audience. From “Mom, I’ve safely landed in London, don’t worry” to “hey Mike, all good here, I just made it to another city. If you happen to be in London too, hit me up!”.
Of course the app automatically recognizes your recipients’ names and your location!

Custom Groups

Add people to groups and customize your recipients. Send your tailored messages to individuals or a group of your friends or family. You only need to set it up once, the app will then send a personal message to each, every time you click on “I’ve arrived!”

Flystay revolutionizes the airport experience. Go read about what we do and check out our app.

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