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What airports have ranked higher (and lower) in 2015?


Hello travelers!

Last week, Skytrax, the biggest consultant in airport and airlines reviews, issued the top 100 airports in the world. You probably have seen on the web the top ranking airports, so we decided to bring you the biggest revelations (and disappointments) of this year’s rankings!

And the top 5 revelations are….. *drum roll*


Hamad Int’l Airport – Doha, Qatar


Qatar’s International Airport is definitely a surprise, claiming the 22nd spot in this year’s ranking from 75! This airport took 10 years to build, costing over $16 billion – it has more than 70 retail outlets, 30 cafes and restaurants, a spa, two hotels, and even squash courts!


Madrid-Barajas Airport – Spain


Barajas is the main airport and entrance to Spain, and this year it claimed the 27th place, climbing up from number 41 in 2014! The airport has implemented new extensions, making it a symbol of modernity and progress in airports. Its facilities now also have the latest technologies, offering greater mobility, comfort, efficiency and speed to passengers – vamos a la playa?!


Vienna Int’l Airport – Austria


Vienna Int’l Airport climbed up from number 41 to the 38th position this year! It has undergone major restorations and refurbishing in order to ensure passengers’ comfort while they wait for their connecting flights.


Central Japan Int’l Airport


Last year this airport featured at number 12, but this year it is found among the top 10, claiming the 7th spot! It is a very modern building with cutting edge architecture and technology adaptation. It also boasts of large open spaces and well lit areas, so you’re sure to have a homely and pleasant stay!


Cape Town Int’l Airport – South Africa


This airport was at the 30th position last year, but now it has claimed the 26th spot! It is a very new airport, clean and efficient, furthermore all the employees boast of the well known South African hospitality!


Unfortunately, when it comes to airports not all of them are great. When was the last time you had an awesome airport experience and though ‘hey this wasn’t that bad’? Well, apparently the following airports were part of this first group, but now for one reason or another, they simply aren’t.

And now for our disappointments I present you…..

Shanghai Hongqiao Int’l Airport – China


This is the main domestic airport in Shanghai, and despite having really good reviews and being ranked a 4 star airport, its ranking dropped from 15th place to the 31st spot in Skytrax review. Although it has undergone some renovations there are complaints about the airport staff and lack of technology.


Dubai Int’l Airport – UAE 


When I saw this one’s result my jaw dropped, I could not believe the level of degrading it went through – from number 25 last year to 39th position, just wow! The reviews mostly complain about lack of seats and electricity plugs at the airport. On the retail side many complain that a lot of it is just high end, skipping the basics which is a shame. Anyhow Dubai should pick up its game because the competition from Doha is definitely only increasing!


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport – Holland


Although we put this airport in last week’s post about best duty frees around the globe, looks like Skytrax doesn’t agree with us, debunking it from its 5th position last year to 9th. Schiphol received complaints of old and inconvenient lay outs, as well as crammed spaces but now they are renovating. It seems they are paying attention to clients’ reviews, so hopefully that will improve their rating next year!


 Beijing Capital Int’l Airport – China 


This is one of the main airports for regional flights in China. It has undergone pretty major reparations over the last few years, however it does not seem to be enough for Skytrax, being moved to the 10th position from 7th in 2014. Greatest complaints are around security waiting times, as well as very crowded spaces in the security area. Other than that, the airport does really well in aesthetics, architecture and technology. Hopefully they will address theses issues over the course of the year and be promoted to a higher position next year!



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