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Welcome to the Flystay Blog!


Welcome to our blog!

‘‘ Passengers really, really hate layovers. ’’      (The New York Times, based on a study by MIT)
– with Flystay we will make you love them!


We’re a small and enthusiastic team of tech-savvy globetrotters. We’re tired of transfers and stopovers in airports. Not because of the time spent there, but because we don’t quite know what to expect, what’s on offer, what’s good and what isn’t. We want to do everything we can to change that.

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We’re currently working on an awesome new app that will bring you tailored recommendations, unique deals with retail partners, user reviews & ratings of airport amenities and a lot more! We want to make it convenient and easy to enjoy the time you have to spend at airports.


Stay tuned to our blog to know everything related to airports, traveling tips and updates about our app! And make sure to check out our website or like us on Facebook