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Top 10 Duty Free Airports Around the World!


Hello travelers!

Today we compiled a list of the best duty free airports around the globe. After all, when you have 6+ hours of waiting there is no way you won’t roam around in all those magnificent, shiny stores, wondering what deals you can find. So we decided to make it easier for you! Perhaps next time you travel you will find yourself at one of these!


1. Dubai International Airport – DXB


Dubai’s airport is one of the busiest airports of the world, home to Emirates Airline and currently the biggest airport retailer in the world! Duty Free shops are located throughout all terminals, but the biggest is in T3. You will find great deals for cosmetics and perfumes, but it doesn’t end there – DXB also has a wide range of electronics, tobacco and alcohol. DXB also offers many special deals throughout the year – specially at the end of Ramadan, the Holy Month for Muslims! It also offers raffles of luxury sports cars and money prizes which anyone can participate in.

In 2011 DXB Duty Free was all over the web with a flash mob dance that was shared all over the world. Perhaps next time you’re waiting you will be lucky to see one!




2. London Heathrow Airport – LHR 

Heathrow is by far the busiest airport in Europe, connecting Europe to the Americas and home to British Airways. The duty free expands over 48,000 square meters, with a price range of left over pounds in your pocket to premium spending.


Londong Heathrow Duty Free


In 2011 Heathrow introduced its loyalty program Heathrow Rewards, which gives users discounts, special exchange rates and even miles! If you’re constantly stopping over in LHR it might be worth to check out this opportunity. If you are flying over LHR you’re also able to reserve your shopping, ensuring it will be there for you to buy when you fly over – a great opportunity if you have a short stopover!


3. Hong Kong Int’l Airport – HKG

One of the busiest airports in Asia, HKG is also home one of the largest passenger terminal buildings. As the city is famous for its shopping culture the airport certainly does not disappoint. Terminal 1, operated by SkyMart, has a “Downtown Pricing Guarantee” which ensures shoppers that retail prices are no higher than in the city.

HongKong DUtyFree


Although Duty Free is usually associated with high end products HKG breaks the stereotype, offering a wide range of prices (and quality) of products.


4. Paris Charles de Gaulle – CDG

Charles de Gaulle is the largest airport in France, second largest in Europe and home to AirFrance. And as we are talking about Paris, it is impossible to leave out all the high end fashion, perfumes and beauty products – all which are available at CDG duty free!

Paris Duty Free - Buy Paris


The duty free also offers a wide range of French cheese, foie gras and caviar, so do not miss out on some yummy French delicatessen!


5. Seoul Incheon Int’l Airport – ICN

This is probably one of the best airports in the world if you’re having a long layover. At ICN you won’t only have the duty free to keep you distracted but also a sauna, golf course, ice skating rink, a casino and much more! It has been voted the best international transit airport by Skytrax – with this many amenities, it’s hard not to win! Just like the airport itself, the duty free does not disappoint.


Seoul - Incheon


Incheon was chosen by Louis Vitton as the first airport to boast of its brand shop, however expect all sorts of products from this airport – from leather goods and Korean souvenirs to high end cosmetics, perfumes and a wide range of tech products. You can even buy some traditional seaweed to try your sushi making skills at home!


6. Frankfurt Int’l Airport – FRA

Frankfurt is a major international airport, home to Lufthansa and third busiest airport in Europe (after Heathrow and Charles de Gaulle). FRA offers a wide range of spirits, wines, traditional German foods, as well as cosmetics, electronics and perfumes. It is also very famous for its many watch brands outlets.



FRA duty free offers ample space for passengers in transit. It has wonderful offers throughout the year, specially with perfumes and cosmetics – make sure to check it out next time you’re there!


7. Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport – AMS

Schiphol is home to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and its slogan is “See, Buy, Fly”. Its duty free is very Dutch, it even has a very large windmill! As soon as you arrive you will see brochures of Schiphol’s deals and offers for that month. You can also check out their offers through Schiphol’s website.


Amsterdam SeeBuyFly



Schiphol also offers great deals on tulips and bulbs, which is great to take home for family and friends. In case you didn’t have time to buy some souvenirs, do not worry, there are plenty of shops offering a wide range of typically Dutch porcelain, Gouda cheese and some stroopwafels. 


8. Miami International Airport – MIA 

MIA has undergone major reparations and cover over 3 thousand acres of land – meaning plenty of retail space! The terminals at this airport seem a lot like shopping malls instead of airport terminals, which is pretty good if you have plenty of hours to kill.




9. Abu Dhabi International Airport – AUH 

At AUH you will find that “an extraordinary array of luxury boutiques and high street stores await you”. As the second largest airport in the Middle East (after Dubai DXB), and with the high end shopping culture present in the region the airport does not fall short of praise. It has a wide range of cosmetics, perfumes, liquors and tobacco – as well as watches, jewelry and couture fashion.


ad duty free 2


Abu Dhabi also has draws of luxury cars, similar to Dubai. The airport is currently expanding, building a new terminal which promises to increase retail and duty space by 18.000 m/square! That is a lot of space for shopping! Abu Dhabi also offers the option of “buy and collect”, where you can buy a product on your departure and collect it on your arrival – making sure you won’t miss a deal.


10. New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport – JFK

The Big Apple’s main hub is also the busiest airport in the entire US-of-A, and home to most American airline companies. It operates with a number of boutiques, and expect to see the most recent tech releases present there as well!

jfk dutyfree


But do not let this picture fool you, as the biggest and busiest airport in the entire US you’re bound to see it very crowded – specially during high season.


What do you think of our list? Did we miss out on any other great duty frees? Comment below and let us know!

Until next time travelers!