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What airports have ranked higher (and lower) in 2015?


Hello travelers! Last week, Skytrax, the biggest consultant in airport and airlines reviews, issued the top 100 airports in the world. You probably have seen on the web the top ranking airports, so we decided to bring you the biggest revelations (and disappointments) of this year’s rankings! And the top 5 revelations are….. *drum roll*   Hamad […]

Top 10 Duty Free Airports Around the World!


Hello travelers! Today we compiled a list of the best duty free airports around the globe. After all, when you have 6+ hours of waiting there is no way you won't roam around in all those magnificent, shiny stores, wondering what deals you can find. So we decided to make it easier for you! Perhaps next time you travel you will find yourself at one of these!

Welcome to the Flystay Blog!


Welcome to our blog! ‘‘ Passengers really, really hate layovers. ’’      (The New York Times, based on a study by MIT) – with Flystay we will make you love them!   We’re a small and enthusiastic team of tech-savvy globetrotters. We’re tired of transfers and stopovers in airports. Not because of the time spent there, […]